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Lilac Drive Residence
San Miguel Residence
La Marina Residence
Marina Drive Residence
Hot Springs Residence
Loyola Residence
La Jolla Residence
Toro Canyon Lanai
Sacramento Historical Residence
Cordova Residence
Montana Barn
La Coronilla Entry Bridges
Solvang Pool
Anacapa Retail
At the head of our projects list are two projects with contrasting sites, programs and budgets but similar aesthetic requirements in quality of detailing and finish construction. The design solutions maximized each site’s properties, and turned initial challenges into advantageous benefits for our clients. Our photographs were taken before their respective landscaping were fully established, watch for new photographs soon.

We seek sustainable solutions and incorporate environmentally sensitive components whenever economically possible, and design to maximize the benefits of the site's natural resources be it sunlight, wind, rainfall, land elevation, views or other elements.

Our projects with prioritized programs and budgets have fueled our drive for creative and innovative solutions to maintain the highest design quality.

Our design solutions strive for clarity and simplicity, believing these tenets most often leads to the strongest design while achieving optimal harmony between the project’s site, its environment and our clients’ way of life.