Butterfly Beach Contemporary Coastal Home

A modest, single-story structure of disparate spaces was converted into a Texas couple’s contemporary beach home on Butterfly Beach. This Montecito property could not accommodate a ground level expansion, so we expanded the attic space to create a private and generous guest suite. The expansion features large dormer windows that open under a tree canopy, filtering sunlight into the room.

The existing house was completely remodeled to create open spaces and elegant, modern architecture in finish and design. Glazed steel windows and doors improved lighting and connectivity to the exterior. The floors are lightly-stained, wide plank European oak and the walls are finished in white-toned interior plaster to accentuate the owner’s artwork. The exterior patio served as a large, defined area designed to entertain in the summer evenings.

Photo Credit: Jim Bartsch

This project was featured by the Santa Barbara News Press »